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Reasons to use Pre-Terminated Fibre Optic Cable in Networking Platform

Pre-Terminated Fibre Optic Cable

Pre-terminated fibre optic cables are designed to minimize the time and cost associated with on-site connector terminations and testing. These cables contain factory manufactured cables and modular elements with connectors already attached.

Pre-terminated cable provides a plug-and-play solution for intersections between switches, servers, patch panels, and zone distribution areas in the data centre.

There can be several reasons to use pre-terminated fibre cables for networking platform, some of them are mentioned here:

1 Lower total cost:

These cables help to reduce the lower cost rate by reducing rework, performing termination efficiency, eliminating transmission testing, and eliminating the need for end equipment and consumables, pre-terminated fibre can significantly reduce overall installation costs.

2 Time-Saving: 

With the increase in the network, speeds have more established link budget requirements that can be challenging to achieve with field terminations. Pre-terminated fibre is perfect for helping to reduce project deadlines and increase overall deployment speed. You no longer have to wait a week, two weeks or even three weeks to get a custom fibre optic component.

3 Faster Deployment:

These cables are designed for speedy deployment as it reduces the labour needed so you can get the work done sooner.

Field termination is the most time-consuming, labour-intensive part of the cable installation process. If Pre-Terminated cabling is delivered once, it can be unpacked, readied for deployment, and related quickly.

4. High Performance: 

Due to its poor air quality, low-end face polishing efficiency, and poor cleaning and test protocols, these fibre networks require the highest level of attention in the cable assembly which affects the overall quality of the cable. These pre-terminated fibre optic cable should be manufactured in a clean room and undergo a series of inspections, including multiple end face inspections

of particular insertion loss/return loss origins.

5. Improve Optical Performance:

Pre-Terminated Fibres have cheaper ends and consistent termination quality.

All manufacturers of pre-determined solutions do not use the same method and it is always advised to check your supplier with the methods and equipment they used.

The requirement for a high-performance fibre link is mentioned below:

  1. High-Quality Connectors and ferrules
  2. A quality 2 part epoxy resin
  3. The multistage polishing process uses various grades of accuracy abrasive paper and different polishing speeds.
  4. Between stage testing
  5. Quality assured Testing methods using reliable equipment
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